Season 2 Premiere of "Crime Scene Kitchen"

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» Description: Airing on the FOX television network, A baking guessing game, the Crime Scene Kitchen TV series is hosted by Joel McHale and is judged by chef Curtis Stone and cake artist Yolanda Gampp. Each episode begins at the scene of the crime — a kitchen that was just used to make an amazing mouth-watering dessert that has since disappeared. The chef teams of two are challenged to scour the kitchen for clues and ingredients to figure out what was baked. Next, each team must duplicate the recipe based on the clues and their best guess. The competing dessert makers will need to prove they have the technical know-how, imagination, and problem-solving skills needed to decode and re-create incredible desserts and cakes from across the world. Celebrity judges will determine how closely their sweet treat matches the missing dessert — and how good it tastes. The winners will take a $100,000 prize.

Crime Scene Kitchen season 2 premieres June 5th, 2023 on FOX.

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