Series Premiere of "Lotería Loca"

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» Description: This wildly entertaining, action-packed series hosted by Jaime Camil is based on the Latin game of chance popularly known now as Lotería. In each high-octane episode, two players go head-to-head and take turns picking cards to get four-in-a-row, which is Lotería. Each time a card appears on their unique bingo-style card, they bank big money. Landing on one of the Loca Cards creates a twist in the game and gives players the opportunity to bank even more cash by competing in wild, interactive challenges. The player who gets the most "Loterías" on their board the fastest moves on to the dramatic final round for a chance to win the ultimate show cash prize.

The new series will air on Monday nights at 8pm EST, as part of CBS’ 2023-24 Fall season.

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