"Transplant" on NBC

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Latest Update: Transplant has been renewed through season four. Season three will debut on Thursday, Oct. 12 at 9 pm

» Description: Airing on the NBC television network, the Transplant TV show originates in Canada and stars Hamza Haq, Laurence Leboeuf, John Hannah, Jim Watson, Ayisha Issa, Linda E. Smith, Torri Higginson, Gord Rand, Nora Guerch, and Ahmad Meree. Doctor Bashir Hamed (Haq) is a charismatic Syrian doctor with battle-tested skills in emergency medicine. He and his younger sister, Amira (Gulamgaus), flee their war-torn homeland and become refugees, struggling to forge a new life in Canada. When a horrific truck crash nearly kills a senior doctor right in front of him, Bash saves the doctor’s life and earns a residency in the biggest Emergency Department of the best hospital in Toronto. Bash tries to meet the demands of his new country and a new job, while trying to pay the bills, raise his little sister and carve out a new life for them both in this unfamiliar land. In season two, boss Dr. Jed Bishop (Hannah) has suffered a stroke and Bash and his team must adjust to both new colleagues and new challenges.

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