"The Strangers: Chapter 1"

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closes: May 17, 2024 @ 6 a.m.

Latest Update: "The Strangers: Chapter 1" opens May 17, 2024. See the preview below. Stay tuned for more updates.

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» Description: Maya drives across the country with her longtime boyfriend, Ryan, as the pair begin a new life together in the Pacific Northwest. Along the way, their car breaks down in Venus, Oregon and they are forced to spend the night in an isolated Airbnb home. Through the night they are terrorized by three murderous masked strangers.

» About The Film:
   • Opening: May 17, 2024
   • Cast: Madelaine Petsch, Froy Gutierrez, Rachel Shenton

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"The Strangers: Chapter 1" Opening Box Office: How Much Will It Gross? (Opens May 17, 2024)
Market says: $10.63M