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closes: March 28, 2019 @ 6 p.m.

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"Abby's" is a pilot premiering on NBC on March 28th, 2019. Predict how many people you think would watch the premiere of this program when it airs on NBC. Stay tuned for more information!

» Description: Abby’s is an unlicensed bar in San Diego where the regulars enthusiastically enforce a unique set of rules that give them a sense of community and allow them to avoid the frustrating behavior found at other establishments. (Multi-camera)

» Your Task: Predict how many viewers would watch the premiere episode of this program. There may be limited information, but do your best for now. Feel free to adjust your predictions as new information comes to light in the coming weeks.

» About the Show:

  • Cast: Natalie Morales, Nelson Franklin, Jessica Chaffin, Leonard Ouzts, Neil Flynn
  • Show Type: Comedy
  • Writer (s): Josh Malmuth
  • Producer (s): Mike Schur, David Miner
  • Director (s): N/A
  • Studio: Universal Television, Fremulon, 3 Arts

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How Many Will Watch the Premiere of "Abby's" on NBC?
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