The Village

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Latest Update: "The Village" is a new drama coming to NBC March 12, 2019. Predict how many people you think will watch the premiere of this program. Stay tuned for more information!

» Description: Despite difference in age, race, culture and lifestyle, the residents of a Manhattan apartment building find that the more their lives intertwine, the more complex and compelling their connections become, thus proving life’s challenges are better faced alongside family, even if it’s the one you make wherever you find it. All under one roof, we will meet a recovering war vet, a pregnant teenage girl and her single mom, a cop with an unexpected love interest, a woman hiding a terrifying secret from her husband and a millennial lawyer who might find his grandfather is the best and worst roommate he ever could have hoped for.

» More About the Show:

  • Cast: Moran Atias, Michaela McManus, Jerod Haynes, Frankie Faison, Daren Kagasoff, Grace Van Dien, Warren Christie, Lorraine Toussaint, Dominic Chianese
  • Show Type: Drama
  • Writer (s): Mike Daniels

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