Minnesota Vikings vs Seattle Seahawks

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Seattle Seahawks
closes: Dec. 10, 2018 @ 7:15 p.m.

NFL - Week 14

NFL 2017 Week 14: Who Will Win?

Minnesota Vikings vs Seattle Seahawks

If the Seattle Seahawks are going to extend their 2018 season into 2019 and earn a postseason spot, the best way is to defeat the Minnesota Vikings on Monday Night Football. But say that doesn’t happen, and the Vikings come into CenturyLink trailing the Seahawks in the playoff race, only to leave it back in front. In this sad scenario, not all is lost. Winning on Monday is not Seattle’s only way into the postseason. There are back doors, ventilation shafts, and maybe a window to climb through if you circle the house.

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NFL 2018 Week 14: Minnesota Vikings vs Seattle Seahawks
Odds say Seattle Seahawks: 65.8%