FOX Renew or Cancel: "REL"

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closes: April 15, 2019 @ midnight

Latest Update: If show is not cancelled nor renewed by June 1st, the topic will be refunded.

If show is cancelled or renewed before the topic closes, the topic will be rewound to 6:00AM of the date of the announcement.

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Will FOX renew or cancel "REL" by June 1st 2019?

»Description: Rel, a loving husband and father living on the West Side of Chicago, finds out his wife is having an affair -- with Rel's own barber. As hard as it is to find a good spouse, it's even harder to find a reliable barber. Plus, with the barbershop being an epicenter of neighborhood gossip, Rel finds that his embarrassing business is known by everyone before Rel can even process the emotions himself. Offering Rel support -- when they themselves aren't butting heads -- are Rel's best friend and unfiltered sounding board, Brittany, and his wayward younger brother, Nat, as well as Rel's prideful dad, who perhaps has taken the news even harder than Rel. After his kids move to Cleveland with their mom, Rel must begin the difficult task of rebuilding his life as a long-distance dad. He jumps back into the dating pool -- head first -- and often finds himself the victim of his own well-intentioned hubris. He continues his search for love, respect... and a new barber.

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FOX Ratings: Will FOX renew or cancel "REL" by June 1st 2019?
Odds say Cancel: 92.4%