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"Perfect Harmony" is an upcoming American comedy series premiering at NBC on THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 (8:30-9:00 p.m. EDT). Predict how many people you think would watch the premiere of this program. Stay tuned for more information!

» Description:“Perfect Harmony” is a musical comedy where a rural church choir gets the director it never thought it needed when salty, Ivy League music professor Arthur Cochran stumbles through their door. Despite the ultimate clash of sensibilities, Arthur and his newfound cohorts may just be the perfect mix of individuals to help each other reinvent and rediscover a little happiness, just when they all need it most.

» Your Task: Predict how many viewers would watch the premiere episode of this series. There may be limited information, but do your best for now. Feel free to adjust your predictions as new information comes to light in the coming weeks.

» About the Show:

  • Cast: Bradley Whitford, Anna Camp, Will Greenberg, Geno Segers, Tymberlee Hill, Rizwan Manji
  • Show Type: Comedy
  • Writer (s): Lesley Wake Webster
  • Director (s):Jason Winer
  • Producer (s): Lesley Wake Webster, Jason Winer, Bradley Whitford, Adam Anders, Jon Radler
  • Studio: NBC Studios
  • Season: THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 26 (8:30-9:00 EDT)
  • "Perfect Harmony" will air right after Superstore and immediately before the The Good Place.

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