ABC Renew or Cancel: "Reef Break"

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closes: April 15, 2020 @ midnight

Latest Update: If show is not cancelled nor renewed by June 1st, the topic will be refunded.

If show is cancelled or renewed before the topic closes, the topic will be rewound to 6:00AM of the date of the announcement.

Reef Break cancellation or renewal? Is there Reef Break Season 2?

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Will ABC renew or cancel "Reef Break" by June 1st 2020?

»Description: "Reef Break" follows Cat Chambers, whose less-than-perfect past as a thief gives her an instinctive gift for understanding crime and criminals. It comes in handy in her new role as a fixer for the governor of a Pacific Island paradise. As she becomes enmeshed in fast-paced, high octane adventures and island intrigue, Cat's reappearance also makes waves for old friends, enemies, and lovers, and the lines between work and play become increasingly blurry.

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ABC Ratings: Will ABC renew or cancel "Reef Break" by June 1st 2020?
Odds say Renew: 51.7%