CBS Renew or Cancel: "Love Island"

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closes: April 15, 2020 @ midnight

Latest Update: If show is not cancelled nor renewed by June 1st, the topic will be refunded.

If show is cancelled or renewed before the topic closes, the topic will be rewound to 6:00AM of the date of the announcement.

Love Island cancellation or renewal? Is there Love Island Season 3?

Will it stay or will it go? Here is your chance to predict which programs will be given the ax by the networks or renewed for another season! Is your favorite show being cancelled or is it being brought back? Predict here at Media Predict!

Will CBS renew or cancel "Love Island" by June 1st 2020?

»Description:"Love Island" follows a group of singles that come together in a stunning villa in a beautiful tropical location. They are on the lookout for romance, but as always, the road to love never runs smoothly. They must not only choose their partner wisely, but they must also win the public's heart.

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CBS Ratings: Will CBS renew or cancel "Love Island" by June 1st 2020?
Odds say Renew: 68.4%