Album of the Year - Rare (Selena Gomez)

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63rd GRAMMY Awards on Sunday, January 31, 2021 live on CBS from the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles.

63rd GRAMMY Awards -

Rare (Selena Gomez)
Album of the Year

Will it happen?

We're just five months away from the end of the eligibility period for the 63rd annual Grammy Awards -- assuming the Recording Academy operates under the same timetable it did last year. The eligibility year began Sept. 1, 2019 and will presumably end on Aug. 31, as it did last year. (The Academy hasn't yet made a formal announcement.)

Let's look at 16 leading contenders for the highest-profile award: album of the year. With five months to go in the eligibility year, and with only eight nomination slots to begin with, not all of these albums will make it. But several almost certainly will. Which ones do you think will make the cut?

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63rd GRAMMY Awards: Will Rare (Selena Gomez) be nominated for Album of the Year?
Odds say: 9.6%