Series Premiere of "CSI: Vegas"

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» Description: A dedicated group of forensic investigators at the Las Vegas Crime Lab works to solve often-grisly crimes in Sin City. Heading up the graveyard shift (an appropriate term in this case) is supervisor D.B. Russell, a "Left Coast" Sherlock Holmes who devours crime novels. Members of Russell's team include Julie Finlay, Nick Stokes, Sara Sidle (the team's moral compass), Greg Sanders and Morgan Brody. The investigative team works closely with Capt. Jim Brass -- a seasoned detective who is a protector of CSI -- Dr. Al Robbins -- medical examiner -- and quirky lab technician David Hodges. Previous leaders of the group include Gil Grissom and Dr. Ray Langston.

CSI: Vegas premieres Wednesday, October 6 on CBS.

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